The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soft Tip Darts for Your Game

In the quest for precision and control, choosing the right soft tip darts is vital. Our guide offers an insightful analysis of premier darts on the market, tailored to refine your game without the fluff or hard sell.

Overview of Premier Soft Tip Darts

In the quest for the perfect game, each dart in your arsenal should be chosen with intention. Here’s a sneak peek of the top contenders:

Next, we’ll explore the unique features that make each of these soft tip dart sets indispensable for your game.

Best for Precision - Mission Kuro Soft Tip Darts

Price: $70.00 Specifications:



Precision is everything when you’re aiming for the treble twenty, and the Mission Kuro soft tip darts deliver just that. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these darts feature tungsten barrels and Mission grip lock shafts that offer a superior level of control. The sleek design is not just for looks; the laser-etched Mission logo on the rear barrel adds a professional touch that will make you stand out at the oche.

Holding these steel tip darts, I feel as if they are an extension of my own intention, directing each toss with meticulous precision. The darts are equipped with tungsten soft tip darts features such as:

These features foster a seamless connection between the player and the dart - a key factor in high-precision gameplay on an electronic dartboard. While the price may be a factor for some, the investment is justified by the control and consistency provided by these darts.


Best for Competitive Players - Michael Smith Soft Tip Darts

Price: $80.00 Specifications:



Amid intense pressure, when every point is critical, Michael Smith professional soft tip darts prove to be a reliable ally, just like those used by Phil Taylor. These darts boast an aerodynamic design that cuts through the air with grace, aiding in achieving that perfect arc toward the board. The grip is consistently textured, providing the exact tactile response needed for repeatable precision — a must-have for any dart player who takes competition seriously.

Having used these darts in multiple high-pressure matches, I can vouch for their unwavering performance. The balance and weight distribution are spot-on, allowing for a smooth, stable flight that consistently finds its target. While these darts may not be the first choice for someone playing casually due to their less forgiving nature, they’re an ideal fit for players who understand and appreciate the nuances of competitive darting.


Best for Consistent Grip - Gary Anderson Soft Tip Darts

Price: $75.00 Specifications:



If you’re in pursuit of a dependable grip that adjusts to your hand, then Gary Anderson soft tip darts are your go-to choice. These darts feature a unique scalloped section with a micro grip pattern that offers a consistent feel across various throwing styles. The barrel design is thoughtful, with a lower grip level at the front, a more pronounced grip in the scalloped section, and a smooth rear, ensuring comfort and control for every player.

My experience with these darts reveals:


Best for Up-and-Coming Players - Josh Rock Soft Tip Darts

Price: $35.00 Specifications:



Embarking on your journey to dart championship requires the right tools, and Josh Rock soft tip darts provide an exceptional launchpad. These darts catch the eye with their straight barrels, electric blue and silver grooves, and a sleek black bull nose. The set includes everything a budding player needs: three darts, signature Josh ‘Rocky’ Rock flights, and blue transparent Sabre shafts with black aluminum tops.

Having observed numerous novices hone their skills, I can truly acknowledge the value these darts bring to the table. They’re an accessible entry point into the sport, offering a quality experience without breaking the bank. However, it’s important to note that as a player’s skill grows, they may find the durability of these brass darts lacking compared to more expensive tungsten models.


Best for Innovation - Target Soft Tip Darts

Price: $90.00 Specifications:



Innovation propels advancement, and in the realm of soft tip darts, Target leads the charge. Their Bolide Soft Tip Darts are a testament to this, with dual cuts and chrome radial grooved machining that not only look fantastic but enhance grip and performance. The Echo Series 12 Soft tip darts take it a step further with black PVD coated barrels and intricate radial grooves that are a feast for the eyes and a boon for gameplay. For those who prefer a lighter option, plastic tip darts offer a great alternative without compromising on quality or performance.

Having used these darts, I can vouch for the innovative edge they add to the game. The Cult 11 Soft Tip Dart Set, for example, showcases precision milling and performance coatings that reflect the advanced technology Target employs. While the price tag is higher than some competitors, the craftsmanship and technological prowess imbued in these darts make them well worth the investment for players who value the cutting edge.


Selecting Your Ideal Soft Tip Darts

Selecting the ideal soft tip darts is a personal endeavor. It involves weighing factors like:

to discover the set that best suits your distinctive throwing style and preferences. Whether you’re looking for the hefty feel of tungsten or the affordability of brass, the large selection available means there’s something for everyone.

Next, we’ll explore the nuances of dart materials and weight, grip and barrel design, as well as flight and shaft dynamics to assist you in identifying your perfect set.

Understanding Dart Materials and Weight

The material of your dart barrel affects everything from weight to the way the dart feels in your hand. Brass is the most cost-effective option and comes in a plethora of styles and colors, perfect for those just starting out or playing a fun game at home. If you’re looking for something a tad more durable, nickel silver barrels resist wear and corrosion, all while maintaining a lustrous silver shine that can also enhance grip.

But for the serious players, tungsten is the material of choice. These dense barrels allow for a slimmer profile, facilitating tighter groupings on the board — essential for precision and reducing bounce outs. Tungsten barrels aren’t pure tungsten but are instead an alloy that provides the heft needed for a controlled throw. With varying weights available, such as the 18g to 22g options from Designa’s Dark Thunder V2, players can experiment to find the perfect balance that suits their style.

The Impact of Grip and Barrel Design

Your dart’s grip and barrel design are more than just aesthetic choices; they’re about control and how you harness that to enhance your play. Barrels come with a variety of grips, including:

Considering dart width is also essential in finding the perfect grip and barrel combination for your playing style.

Each grip, including the phantom grip, offers a different level of control and feel in your fingers. Manufacturers have introduced these textures to help you maintain a firm hold on your dart, minimizing the chance of slippage.

The barrel’s balance point is also crucial. It can shift the dart’s center of gravity, affecting its flight and stability. A dart with a balance point that shifts from front-weighted to centered can completely transform how it flies through the air. Barrel shapes such as straight, bomb, and torpedo also play a role, catering to different throwing styles and preferences — straight barrels are versatile, bomb barrels help guide other darts, and torpedo barrels pack more force due to their front-weighted design.

Flight and Shaft Dynamics

The flight and shaft are the final pieces of the puzzle, determining how your dart cuts through the air and hits the board. Standard shaped flights are typically included with darts and are designed to provide significant lift and stability, especially beneficial for soft tip darts as they hit electronic dart boards. Flights come in various shapes and sizes, categorized as either fast or slow, influencing the dart’s trajectory. Depending on your throwing style, you may prefer one over the other.

Shaft length is another variable to consider. While standard medium alloy stems are common, some players find that shorter stems enhance their performance, providing a more stable and controlled throw. The length of the shaft can critically impact the stability of a dart in flight; longer shafts may wobble, while shorter shafts tend to offer a more stable and controlled flight path.


We’ve explored a diverse array of soft tip darts, each with its own strengths and specialties. From the precision of Mission Kuro to the competitive edge of Michael Smith, the consistency of Gary Anderson, the accessibility of Josh Rock, and the innovation of Target, there’s a perfect set of darts for every player’s need. Remember, the ultimate choice in soft tip darts comes down to personal preference, considering factors like material, weight, grip, and design. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now ready to hit the electronic dartboard with confidence and skill. May your throws be steady and your scores high!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of soft tip darts over steel tip darts?

The main advantages of soft tip darts over steel tip darts include features like automated scoring, reduced bounce outs, and the ability to play online games, making them ideal for electronic dartboards and beginners.

Are tungsten soft tip darts better than brass or nickel silver ones?

Yes, tungsten soft tip darts are better than brass or nickel silver ones because of their density, which allows for thinner barrels and tighter groupings, making them a preferred choice for professional players.

How do I know which weight to choose for my soft tip darts?

Choose the weight of your soft tip darts based on your throwing style - lighter darts (around 18 grams) suit softer throws, while heavier darts (up to 28 grams) benefit those who throw with more force.

Can the grip and barrel design really make a difference in my game?

Yes, the grip and barrel design can make a significant difference in your game by affecting your control over the dart and influencing your throwing technique. It's important to find the right texture and shape that fits your hand and style.

Should I choose a specific flight shape or shaft length?

Choose a flight shape and shaft length based on your throwing style. Standard flights provide stability, while different shapes can affect speed and trajectory, and shaft length impacts balance in flight. Experiment to find the best fit for you.