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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

   13. How to edit configuration files placed on different computers at one time.

Sometimes there is a need to make changes in configuration files placed on different computers. That maybe computers which are placed in class or in cabinet and even computers placed in several buildings. For making changes on these computers you need to approach to each of them and perform changes manually. In case if you want to make these changes through one computer you able to use "Remote Desktop Connection" program. But there is still a need to make changes on each computer manually. Below we will present several steps which allows to automate process of making changes and save your time for other things.

1) Firstly, we need to launch Useful File Utilities and choose the "Finder" utility.

2) Then we need to define computers on which configuration files are stored. That can be done with using "Add" button of the "Finder" utility. We have defined all computers with the folder "System" on which our files are situated. And of course we need to define a mask of our configuration file or files we want to find. In our case that mask is php.ini.

3) Then we have unchecked an option "Recurse subdirectories". That step allows us to save the time needed for the search on the network computers. It is not a secret what search on the network computer much slower comparing with the search on local hard drive. But this can be done in case if our configuration files have been placed in the folder which we have defined - "System"

4) After pressing to the "Start Find" button we will get the list of all configuration files which are placed on different computer. Then that list need to be moved into Basket drive by pressing to the appropriate button.

5) After closing the "Search results" window we will get the view of the program which is shown below.

6) As our files have been found we need to select the tool which we want to use for making changes on them. That may be "Replacer" or "Batch Replacer". After specifying all needed parameters for the "Replacer" tool we will able to start an operation.

7) After specifying all needed parameters for the "Batch Replacer" tool we will able to start an operation.

8) After pressing to the "Start Replace" button we will get the window with results of processing. Which we able to close for returning to the program's window.

That's all.

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