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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Plug-ins for UFU

A plug-in is a standalone module that can process files selected in the main program. Plug-ins utilities are available from the menu "Plug-ins" of the program "Useful File Utilities".

All plug-ins created by the ReplSoft.com are free for registered users. Moreover, if you are a registered user, you can suggest a new plug-in to ReplSoft. For example: convert selected files from one format to another. We will try to create your suggested plugin.

Here you can see plug-ins for Useful File Utilities:

Please click the links below to read about our existing plug-ins.

  1. Change Attributes
  2. Batch Replacer
  3. Oem<->Ansi converter
  4. Make List Files
  5. Case Converter
  6. Replace and Rename
  7. Batch Replacer for MS Word New
  8. Batch Replacer for MS Excel
  9. Batch Replacer for MS PowerPoint
  10. Encoder
  11. Change picture
  12. RegEx Replacer
  13. CRCShow

Standalone utilities

  1. Cut Long Names
  2. Searchforduplicates
Change Attributes

Batch Replacer

Oem<->Ansi converter

Make List Files

Case Converter

Replace and Rename

Batch Replacer for MS Word

Batch Replacer for MS Excel

Batch Replacer for MS PowerPoint


Change Picture

RegEx Replacer


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