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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Thank you very much for your interest!

Before you place the order please READ CAREFULLY License Agreement between you and ReplSoft.com. for using the application.


1 computer license for use at home 42.85 USD 29.99 USD buy now and save 30% 1 computer license for use at office 61.5 USD 39.99 USD buy now and save 35% Site license for all computers at office 2500 USD 1499.95 USD buy now and save 40%

If you are not yet on-line, you can place your order with ShareIt customer service by phone, fax or postal mail.

All the secure links are powered by ShareIt. ShareIt is the most trusted registration service in the Internet. Any payment method usable for you can be chosen. Credit card, bank transfer, phone call , check, PayPal and others. Just choose a license of UFU and a native language in order to make a payment.

Any questions can be sent from the contact us page.

Our fully automatic registration system will process your order within minutes.

UFU is a "public domain application". This means that we have made the program available to you for free evaluation. You are entitled to evaluate the application for up to 15 times of use without obligation to pay. After 15 times of use, if you decide to keep the application, you must register your copy with us for a fee as small as $29.99 US dollars or equivalent amount in EURO.

Application (non-registered) UFU is a "full-featured" release. This means that the same capabilities available in the registered application are present in the non-registered application. This allows you to try out all the features in UFU to confirm that they work to your satisfaction. In fact, the non-registered application includes a bonus feature - the application advertising box. This is an added incentive for users to register the application rather than continue using it indefinitely without paying.

For many people, the most pressing reason to register is to get rid of the advertising box which pops up at the most inconvenient times.

But besides this, the legitimate registration of UFU give to you free and fast technical support all the time. Also all upgrades for the UFU application or new releases of it from ReplSoft.com will be free of cost (if you not say your register key to anyone!). If you wish we also send to you information bulletins by e-mail to let you know about what's happening with ReplSoft products.

Finally, by registering the program, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the program with updates and to develop additional quality public domain products in the future.

Thank you for choosing our program.

Features of Replacer:
  • Find and Replace single text block.
  • Insert text block before any text.
  • Insert text block after any text.
  • Insert text block between two text blocks.
  • Delete text block.
  • Insert text block to the head of file.
  • Insert text block to the foot of file.
  • More...

Features of Renamer:
  • Various control words for generate new name of file.
  • Easy convert all characters to UPPERCASE or lowercase or another way.
  • Find any words in name of file and replace it.
  • Insert counter in file names.
  • More...

Features of Finder:
  • Find in several drives or directories simultaneously.
  • Search files by mask (*.pas;*.cpp;*exe) etc.
  • Find files created within period of time.
  • Find files not older than some hours, days, weeks, months from current time.
  • Find files by size (equal, more than, less than).
  • Find files by attributes.
  • Find duplicates files. This files have same name or(and) same size.
  • Find files by the text string, which they contains.
  • Find files made with using Microsoft products (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) by text.
  • More...

Features of Batch Replacer:
  • Text replacement can be performed in hundreds of files from several directories (with using basket drive in "Useful File Utilities") simultaneously.
  • You can specify multiple text blocks for replacement.
  • It gives you a status window while it's running.
  • Quick algorithm of text replacement
  • Creating backup files
  • Save/load "Find and Replace" strings to a file outside the program.
  • Find repeated sequence of symbols and replace it to anything.
  • You can find symbols in all files. It correctly find any symbols in Exe file and replace them to anything.
  • Launch from command line.
  • Encode text files from one code page to another (Latin to UTF8 or to UNICODE....)
  • Support to processing MS Word and MS Excel files.
  • More...


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