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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Information about Renamer

The Renamer utility allows to change names and extensions of the files with using various control words for generating new name.

Are you need to move your web site to the Unix/Linux server which file system is case sensitive.

No problem, the Renamer suitable to convert names of the all selected files to lower or UPPER case. The example of changing file names to lower case are show in the screenshot.

Furthermore you can search any text string within the name of file and replace it to the new specified string.

Also Renamer allows to insert counter in the names of files.

If you need to rename many files by sequence well see the information about Replace and Rename plug-in utility.

Features of Renamer

  • Various control words for generate new name of file.
  • Easy convert all characters to UPPERCASE or lowercase or another way.
  • Find any words in name of file and replace it.
  • Insert counter in file names.

Other internal utilities of UFU:
  • Replacer - find and replace text or add text to file.
  • Batch Replacer - find and replace multiple text blocks.
  • Finder - find files in your disks. You can find duplicates files.


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