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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Information about Finder

The Finder utility allows search documents by file mask, by date, by size, by attributes and even by text strings as if you use an Internet search engine.

Features of Finder

  • Find in several drives or directories simultaneously.
  • Search files by mask (*.pas;*.cpp;*exe) etc.
  • Find files created within period of time.
  • Find files not older than some hours, days, weeks, months from current time.
  • Find files by size (equal, more than, less than).
  • Find files by attributes.
  • Find duplicates files. This files have same name or(and) same size.
  • Find files by the text string, which they contains.
  • Find files made with using Microsoft products (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) by text.

Other internal utilities of UFU:
  • Replacer - find and replace text or add text to file.
  • Batch Replacer - find and replace multiple text blocks.
  • Renamer - rename files by mask string. You can see new names before start rename.


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